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Family and friends of the victims of Flight 4U 9525 request that the media show restraint

Families and friends of the passenger and crew members of Germanwings flight 4U 9525 have asked Lufthansa and Germanwings to shield them from any questions coming from the media. It is their wish to not be disturbed and to remember the deceased in pr

Therefore, Lufthansa and Germanwings ask media representatives not to actively contact grieving family members and friends. The immense interest of the public and media concerning the occurrences surrounding the tragic event is of course understandable. The press offices of Lufthansa and Germanwings are available around the clock and on the weekend to handle media inquiries. Lufthansa and Germanwings media representatives will answer all inquiries with the highest possible transparency and as quickly as possible. <strong>Media representatives can use the following contacts:</strong> Lufthansa press office Tel. +49 69 696 2999 Germanwings press office Tel. +49 2203 1027310

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